Before starting to pattern the doublet I needed to order fabric.  I had planned to order wool from one of my favorite fabric sources B.Black and Sons.  But when I took a look a their in stock wool flannel colors the didn’t really have a madder red wool like I was looking for.  So I asked for some suggestions on Facebook.  I got some great responses.  After taking a look at the suggestions, I found that Burnley & Trowbridge Co. had a nice worsted wool in a color I liked as well as a nice wool broadcloth in a deeper red.  Now I’ve heard some very nice things about their fabrics but I’ve never ordered from their before so I picked up a pack of their fabric swatches.

When ever you are ordering from a company for the first time, even if you have heard good things about their quality, it always pays to pick up a swatch.  Often you can get a swatch for free or for a small cost.  Either way, I’ve never regretted picking up a swatch to confirm that the fabric I’m looking at is really what I’m looking for for my project.

In the case of Burnley & Trowbridge Co., they offer all their swatches in one packet for a nominal fee.  I picked it up and it should be here soon.  I can’t wait to get a chance to look at the wool broadcloth and the worsted wool.  I really think one or both of them will work very nicely for my project.


  1. What did you think of the fabric from Burnley & Trowbridge? I’ve been eyeing their site for a while now.

    • The swatch book I ordered had some very nice fabrics. I was primarily looking for wools though and they had several that I really liked. If you want to check them out I would suggest getting their swatch booklet. It’s pretty inexpensive and your get a lot of swatches from different fabrics or various fiber types.

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