I will refrain from singing although my inner Disney Princess is greatly saddened that she has to hold back.

There’s a reason why every article I have ever written on project management (in the SCA and out) includes the advice that you need to pad your timelines because you never know when chaos will strike.  The mid-May deadline on the project that I was working was pushed back.  Although I didn’t know it at the time this was a lucky break because I had a project mishap at the worst possible time (really, these things never happen at times when we can fix them easily) and I got so frustrated I just had to walk away.

Never forget to add in your Just-Step-Away-From-The-Machine time when you are planning your projects.  It will save your sanity.

But while it is all working out for the best in the end it has meant that I’ve needed to rearrange some of my other project timelines and reevaluate my Dragon*Con project list.  A big part of project management is the management of multiple priorities and multiple concurrent timelines.  Yet another reason why it is so important to pad your timelines.  External and internal factors will affect your timelines and changing timelines affect priorities.  You have to be able to manage that and shift your task schedule (or the task schedules you have delegated) in order to accommodate that.

So that’s were I am.  I had to walk away from my project for a bit but now I’m back at it.  I did manage to fix the mishap pretty easily; sometimes all you need is a little distance.  Now I’m reevaluating some timelines and project priorities but in the end All’s Well That Ends Well as The Bard says.