I think it goes without saying that modern life is pretty busy.  Yes there are many factors that play into that, some within our control and some somewhat out of our control, but when it comes right down to it, if you are like me there are many days you get home from work thinking you have tons of time time for your project only to find out that after dinner is made, eaten, and cleaned up it’s nearly time for bed.  So how in the heck are you supposed to find time to work on all those beautiful projects running through your head?

It’s something I struggle with quite a lot.  I’m struggling with it right now in fact.  I’ve got a big project that I’m trying to finish up, two projects to make for Dragon*Con (in 2 MONTHS!!!), a big project I’m already planning on sourcing for January, a full time work schedule, a husband that loves me, two dogs and a cat that want nearly constant pets, and a home that I would be reasonable clean and presentable.  All in all its a recipe for a lot of stuff that needs to be done and not a lot of time to get it done in.

This is one of the big reasons that I advocate planning as far in advance a you can.  Right now it’s about all I can do to work in a few minutes a day or a couple hours a week for my projects.  And that’s OK.  Sometimes that’s all you can do.  If you can plan in advance then hopefully you have more a chance to get more done during the slower times when not as much is pulling on your schedule.  The big key though it always try to keep working forward, even if it’s just a few minutes a day.

That’s what I’m trying to focus on right now.  In fact I think I will try to go put in a few minutes of work on a project right now, before I need to make dinner. 🙂  So what do you do when you have a million other things pulling you in different directions, all asking for a bit of your project time?

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