I can’t believe it’s 2015. In fact, here I am, 9 days into 2015 and I still feel like, “Where did November go?!?” 2014 was both awesome and crazy.  I feel like I accomplished a ton of sewing projects but at the same time I also feel like I got next to nothing done.

In the end I managed to finish 6 things this year:

  • A hood for my husband’s protégé
  • A Louise Belcher Costume
  • A DC Bombshell Batwoman Costume
  • New blue linen doublet for my husband for Jamestown volunteering
  • A red wool doublet
  • A brown linen petticoat with red wool guards

(And I still need to post pictures of most of these)

And alter 3 things:

  • My red wool petticoat (re-did the waist band)
  • My blue linen petticoat bodies (shortened the hem by about an inch and re-pleated the petticoat)
  • My husband’s leather arming jerkin (re-did the skirt from tabs to pickadils-still need to add lacing holes)

But I still have several projects in process:

  • Hoods for my apprentices
  • A project for my husband
  • 19th Century pants for my cousin

I need to finish the project I currently have going in the next couple of months but I’m starting to think about what I want to do over the next year. What do I want to work on? What new skills to I want to pick up? Where I am going with this? What does it all mean?

Until next time when our intrepid heroine attempts to figure out what she wants to do with her fabric.


After a rather unusually quite May and June spent working mostly on top secret projects (that I still can’t discuss yet) suddenly projects are bursting forth and plans are coming to fruition.

  • Awesome happening 1) My fabric and bits for Dragon*Con 2014 costumes are here!
  • Awesome happening 2) My cool new books have arrived!
  • Awesome happening 3) Top Secret Project #1 is coming along beautifully and I’ve learned a ton.  Tutorials to follow unveiling!
  • Awesome happening 4) The first major step of Top Secret Project #2 is finished an on it’s way to me!  I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Stay tuned!

The last month has been a complete and total whirl wind.  When we last left our intrepid heroin she was in Atlanta for a work conference.  Braving the flight home, she landed safely on February 28th, her birthday, and was immediately whisked off for birthday sushi by her loving and amazing husband who showered her with shoes, kisses, and a new Trashy Diva Trixie dress.  The next morning it was off to Como, NC with the puppy dogs to spend a birthday weekend with family and to enjoy the first mom-made birthday cake she’d had in 1517 years.

The next week was spend furiously working and packing in preparation for a week in New Orleans and Gulf Wars.  She ate, she drank, she shopped.  And she spend Wednesday and Friday at Gulf Wars fencing.


Now she has returned returned, relaxed and rejuvenated and ready to tackle more sewing projects, several house projects, an article for Your Wardrobe Unlock’d.

L-Naehmaschine3Hello and welcome to Nerd Girl Sewing!  My name is Alison.

I’ve been sewing seriously for the past 16 years and it has been both a challenging and very rewarding hobby.  For most of that 16 years I have focus heavily on historical clothing but I have many different sewing interests including general costuming, cosplay, steampunk, home decor, and rockabilly.

I wanted to start Nerd Girl Sewing to help share the things I have learned about sewing with other people like me and to help foster interest in sewing as an enjoyable hobby.

So whether you are into cosplay, historical clothing, vintage clothing, rockabilly, steampunk, geeky home decor, or you just want to learn how to mend a button or make a simple skirt Nerd Girl Sewing is here for you.